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GOLD Membership (For now only in Finnish!)

11€ / month

GOLD Membership is a new way to get support for your own process of spiritual growth,  expanding your consciousness and healing. When I started researching the energy world and the laws of the universe myself 11 years ago, I often felt quite lost; I didn't know where or what kind of information to look for, what information to trust, what types of healing treatments I could use to support my process, how do I know what my intuition is saying, how do I know if I'm on the right track, etc.  My intuition guided me now in the spring of '23 to open a platform where I could share all that I have learned in 11 years and share all the knowledge and support that I myself would have needed at the beginning of my path.  My passion is to create a platform where I can share things in the same way that I share them daily with my closest friends, my own tribe. 

The idea is to do this in a different way than many other teachers do, i.e. the purpose is to create content together with you, dear Members. The first Members have a unique opportunity to receive personal guidance for a monthly fee of for now only 11€, as the idea is that the members can present wishes in the VIP Forum, on which topics they would need information/tips/channeling and I will start creating material based on these. You can also make your wishes privately to me with a message and I can then make a video/recording/blog post on the topic without mentioning from whom the request came. Personal wishes always help the whole community, as we are all connected to each other and often go through very similar things at the same time. The site will contain written material, videos and audio recordings. In addition, I give book tips, Youtube video tips, IG tips, guided meditations, health tips, lifestyle stuff and whatnot! The Membership pages include three sections: 

GOLD Forum
GOLD Library

I sincerely hope that GOLD Membership will provide you with exactly the kind of support you need and all the necessary tips to make your spiritual growth process feel as light, safe and fascinating as possible. This doesn't really have to be a serious process, although there is often talk of a "dark night of the soul" and shadow work. A journey can be mind-blowing, life-changing, and insanely fun when you get the support you need and share it with like-minded people! :)

Why GOLD? I just been guided to tap into GOLD's frequency, it's been everywhere where I look. To me, it represents infinite abundance, joy, sparkles and happiness and it really is a frequency of success and wealth. To me, abundance is all the good things in life: relationships, health, wealth, joy, beauty, happiness.  Plus I've always, always, loved gold; ask anyone who knows me :)

Read more about my own story in the section Hanna.
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GOLD + HEART Membership (For now only in Finnish)

22€ / month

GOLD + HEART Membership includes everything that the GOLD Membership includes plus something rather big: guidance to conscious breakup. How to handle, process and grow from a breakup through a higher perspective of unconditional love; how to evolve to be a totally new, more amazing, stronger, more magnetic version of you. And how to do it with peace, grace and ease. Of course, the process involves the whole spectrum of emotions, and those emotions have an extremely important purporse (the higher purpose of emotions is one of the topics that I will talk about right from the start on the membership platform as they are part of our guidance system). We have been "taught" that separation "should be bitterness, jealousy, anger and blame etc. type-of-experience, but the higher consciousness invites us to look at this through more accepting, loving lenses. We'll dive deep into this within the membership. 

This membership program includes intuitive guidance, information, material recommendations etc and also continuous support in the community group chat. We'll be creating content together so especially in the beginning, the member have an amazing opportunity to place requests on which topics, point of views, experience, life circumstances they with to have guidance or support on. You can leave your request to me totally unanimously via private message or in the group to start a discussion. I will provide material in the form of recordings, videos and/or written posts and of course, offer guidance in the group chat. The GOLD + HEART membership pages contain GOLD membership pages common to all Members as well as their own additional sections related to the Conscious Break Up: 

GOLD Forum

GOLD Library

For me, this topic is especially close to my heart, as I experienced a conscious break up myself last year in -22, so in addition to intuitive guidance, it feels meaningful to be able to share this topic with you even after such a fresh personal experience. I sincerely hope that I can help and support others in this process who are now in the same situation. A friend of mine said that I am the only person he knows, who has experienced a conscious break up. I am immensely inspired by the idea that there will soon be countless people in this community who have also experienced the same thing and come out of it happier and more radiant than ever :)
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1:1 Spiritual Coaching  / Intuitive Guidance

25 min  /  55€

55 min  /   111€

1:1 Spiritual Guidance sessions are especially suitable for those who want to activate their spiritual gifts, strengthen their connection to their soul, to the the Universe and to their soul’s greatest gifts and passions, move towards their dream life and get guidance on life’s big decisions and everyday choices. The purpose of these sessions is to activate your own ability to tune into your own guidance and to strengthen your own intuition and to bring messages and guidance to you from higher consciousness.

Often clients get to realize what kind of energy they are vibrating at the moment and what they are creating in their life based on that energy. You might recognize if you have some energy blocks that is keeping you from manifesting your dreams or that are keeping you feeling stuck in life. To change your energy, thoughts and beliefs so it's really important that you are coming to this with open mind and heart.  
You are welcome to ask questions related to certain aspects of life, such as relationships, work, health or anything else. Through these sessions, it is possible to release blocks and low energies that are blocking you and to get realizations that can direct your life into a new greater path that you might not even been able to dream of. This activation can awaken your spiritual gifts you never realized you had inside of you. Actually the magic is inside of you already, I'm just here to help you remember and awaken those dormant gifts.  My passion is to make your life and living in alignment as inspiring, fun and effortless as possible. 
Sessions primarily via phone/video calls. Payment: MobilePay, Invoice, PayPal. More info:
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8-week Transformation Course 
With Your Own Travel Guide 

8 weeks  /   1111€ incl. messaging during the process

The primary purpose of this personal Transformation Course with me working as your personal "Travel Guide" is to support you in your awakening process. This path is often the best thing that ever happened to you yet also winding and messy. But much easier if you have the right guides to support you! With this Spiritual Awakening Course, I help you strengthen your connection to your intuition, activate your gifts and integrate this new version of you that is wanting to be birthed. You will learn to read energies and expand your awareness which helps you to navigate your awakening process with more joy and gratitude and ease. My greatest passion is to activate clients themselves to hear their inner voice and guidance and to deepen their connection to the Divine. When you start to communicate with  the Universe and you get into that flow with life, that's pure magic. 

If you feel are longing for a big change, a new direction, a complete transformation in your life, this is for you.
 Personally, I felt that without coaches and guides, it would have been really difficult to move forward in my process of spiritual growth because there seemed to be endless amounts of information and I felt a little overwhelmed by it, didn't know where to start since it takes quite a lot of time to research this stuff.  Spiritual Awakening can be a very long journey of years and years but there are often phases of rapid expansion that might feel confusing to go through alone. Or there might be points on your awakening journey when you are expanding and opening super quickly and get inspiration to get more information and really dive into the mysteries of the Universe and want to have someone to provide you with more insights, channeled guidance, tips what to read or what to listen etc. That's what this course is all about. 

During these sessions, I channel messages for you from higher consciousness and ask for guidance, insights and activation. You'll get book/video recommendations, learn different meditation methods and get help with your shadow work. We will do some practical exercises as well right from the beginning that will activate your ability to read energies and strengthen your connection to higher realms. We'll go through your new insights and inspirations along the way as well as challenges you've been faced with and I'll channel answers to those of your questions that will help you to align with your highest timeline. If you are ready to go all in with open mind and heart and are ready to change your life and are super interested in activating your spiritual gifts and abilities, this course is perfect for you. 
Sessions primarily via phone/video calls. Payment in 1 or 2 parts (MobilePay, Invoice, PayPal). More info:
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