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I also tried different alternative healing methods on my friends ’ recommendation. Acupuncture and energy healing helped me in my healing process so tremendously that they remained permanent “tools” for me. With these tools, my life began to change radically.

When I left my long-term work in the event business field, I got the space to really listen to what is really the deepest passion in my life and what my soul actually wants me to do. It soon became clear to me that my passion is to spread light and beauty to the world by creating music and doing lightwork. I started composing piano music and studying energy work, laws of the universe, manifestation etc.  I soon realized that my whole life had, in a way, been a preparation for this moment; I saw how everything that had happened in my life until then fell into place.
When life asks you to stop and do "a 180"
"I began to explore the spiritual world in the midst of a personal crisis - a familiar story to many. I was a mess on many levels. I suffered from panic attacks, severe dizziness, arrhythmias, anxiety, etc. When I was at my lowest point and didn’t know what to do since doctors couldn't help, I found myself reading various books related to the energy world, self-improvement and how to expand your consciousness. ​I started working really hard to heal myself. I questioned everything I had previously believed in, encountered my own shadows I hadn’t dared to look at before, started to change my thought patterns based on a whole new kind of awareness. 

"My passion is to awaken your hidden gifts and your divine intuitive powers. To help you find your life purpose and a way of living that makes you feel more alive than you've ever felt. To create life that's magical AF and and extension of your true essence - that really feels and looks like YOU.  To learn through my own experience how to manifest the life of your dreams - or actually even better life than you could have ever imagined!"

My experience on transformation and manifestation 
As I started to heal, my life changed completely in all its aspect. I started to find glimpses of the kind of peace of mind I had been looking for for a long time. Little by little I got to experience what it's like to surf on the waves of life - first like a total beginner and then like a more advanced surfer: being messy but feeling incredibly free and invincible at times.   I found my hidden intuitive abilities that paved the way for me to completely new worlds - to the unknown. I fell in love with life even more and had certain amazing mystical moments that I'll never forget.  I realized that feeling freedom and adventure and experiencing magic was limited only by the boundaries and rules and distorted beliefs I built myself. I realized I can be totally blissed out and high on Spirit even though world around me is going seemingly crazier and crazier.

I don’t believe in avoiding difficult things, on the contrary, the key thing for me is to recognize and feel all the emotions and to accept all sides of us. To see all of your emotions through the lenses of love. To look at your Truth in the eyes. To speak it and feel and be it and act on it.  It's so important to feel and live our emotions fully, with every cell of our being but there's no need to  identify with your lower emotions. For the more you stay looking for shadows, the more energy you put into them, the more you pull more shadows and heavy energies towards you. When you focus your attention on inspiration, gratitude and wonder, you'll vibrate higher and your manifestation powers are turned on.  The high vibrations bring lower stuff to the surface when the time is right but you don't have to go to the basement looking for it. Once you’ve recognize what that dense energy is all about, feel it fully - and then let it go with gratitude. I believe that when you truly let yourself feel the emotion when it rises, accept it and surrender to it, you'll rise quicker and higher than when you purposely dive into shadow work. Healing and spiritual work doesn't have to be that serious; actually it can be amazingly fun and even blissful at times. Relieving thought,  isn't it?

Conscious break up is also a topic in my Membership and, of course, also in personal coaching with those for whom it is relevant. For me, the topic is especially close to my heart, as I experienced a loving breakup myself last year in '22. It feels meaningful to be able to help others in a similar situation in that process so that they can experience the process of separation from the perspective of higher consciousness, without trauma, resentment, bitterness, and even see it as beautiful and as a possibility for immense growth and greater happiness. A friend of mine said that I am the only person he knows, who has experienced a conscious break up.  I am immensely inspired by the thought that there will soon be countless people in this community who have also experienced that kind of loving separation and are entering a new life happier and more radiant than ever before :)
My spiritual studies have included e.g. following:
  • Reiki I and II

  • Intuitive energy healing

  • Distance or remote healing

  • Channeling

  • Channeling by phone / email

  • Reading people's energy fields

  • Akashic records

  • Past lives

  • Intuition vs. imagination

  • Readings with cards

  • Chakra work

  • Group healings

  • Group meditations

  • Space clearings 

  • Spiritual Coach

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