• Hanna Kekäläinen

Channeled Message From Higher Consciousness 240522

Surprises, changes, fast rides.

Things is moving in an extremely rapid pace right now. The energy of change is palpable. New timelines are emerging, new realities are being born. You are likely to experience huge surprises in your life. Things that you never expected. Especially relationships are shifting really fast. Many are finding their soulmates and/or twin flames and/or soul family. The energy is fiery and sexual energies are rising. Many are experiencing kundalini awakenings. Old relationships will transform in surprising ways. Things that have been hidden in the shadows will be brought to light with such power that there is no possibility to control it. Trust the Universe and let it work it's magic. Find peace and softness in surrender. You don't have to control or do anything but surrender and take time to listen; listen to the subtle messages so that they don't have to get loud. Your life might suddenly feel unreal, like a movie and even overwhelming with all the sudden changes and shadows being revealed. The changes happen so quickly that you might feel like you don't know who you are anymore. Again, trust and surrender and enjoy the ride! - 240522

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