• Hanna Kekäläinen

Channeled Message From Higher Consciousness 270722

Align. Alchemize. Allow.

A lot of shifting is happening right now. Many experience it in their relationships, work situation, living situation and overall in their own energy. Suddenly everything might feel different. You might feel different so much that it might even feel uncomfortable. But it is simply everything being aligned with your highest timeline. You are asked not to cling on anything that does not feel like your truth anymore or doesn’t feel good in your body even though you might have thought a day before that it’s okay. You are shifting more than you have ever shifted before and it’s necessary that your physical environment changes accordingly. You don’t need to know the whole path – only the next step that feels good, light, joyful and inspiring. Lighten up. Life is not so serious even though your mind might think it is. Everything is happening in divine order and your job is only aligned with it by following your joy and inspiration. Surrender to the quiet little nudges you receive from the Universe and let go of the need to control any outcomes. Everything is going to work about perfectly for you if you let it. Much love. - 270722

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