• Hanna Kekäläinen

Message From Higher Consciousness 120422

Today is a really powerful astrological day with Neptune and Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces. This energy is super activating. It clears energies that might have blocked your intuition and psychic skills so clear insights and sensitivity to energies are available for us during this portal. You might feel your third eye pulsing, experience ears ringing or hearing unusual sounds, throat clearing, shaking and pain in the body, hot and hold sensations etc. We are encouraged to slow down and listen to the whispers of our hearts and the Universe. Be kind to your self. This energy might uplift you into a totally new timeline if you align with it. If you feel resistance, anger or high frustration, you are encouraged to feel if there is something that you are clinging on to, something that is no longer aligned with your highest timeline. Many are experiencing transformations, heart openings and awakenings. This energy amplifies our creativity and supports new ideas, new inventions, new artistic creations and new ways of doing things. It activates hidden wisdom from ancient civilizations that helps us to build a new more sustainable way of living in harmony with the Planet Earth and in alignment with our higher timeline. This energy also encourages us to play and have more fun - to dance and flirt with life. We are here to enjoy the human experience - to taste, smell, touch, feel, hear, see, sense. That is truly a huge gift, every breath is a gift. Try to remember how you felt as a child when you were inspired by something, being in awe? - 120422

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