• Hanna Kekäläinen

Channeled Message From Higher Consciousness 220422

Updated: Apr 23

The energy is very high-vibrational and activating right now. It can be unrooting for some. You might be guided to go somewhere new or do something new. Shaking the Earth. This is a time for big surprises. Transformational downloads are available especially to those who are willing to surrender even when they experience something that is unexpected and unfamiliar to them. Old memories and emotions are surfacing quite heavily. Dreamtime can be vivid and different than usually. Many experience turbulence in relationships right now and you might also notice that old relationships come to surface in the dreams realms to be healed or cleared. Creative energy is flowing strongly. This is a good time for new creative projects and even complitely new ways of expressing yourself. Downloads are heavy right now, we are asked to surrender again and again. We are reminded that joy and laughing are powerful ways to lift up our vibration. Focus on what you wish to create. -220422

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