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Updated: Apr 2

There's nothing more exciting to me than to dive into the mysteries of existence and to channel information from the higher realms to us brave humans who have chosen to incarnate on this beautiful planet at this transformative time in history. As you have found your way here, you are probably a lightworker as well and definitely here for a reason to receive some activations and transmissions. Welcome!

Re-awakening My Hidden Gifts As An Artist

When there's a potent time for expansion in certain area or aspect of us, for example to activate a new skill, you wanna dive in to it. There's magic available!

I really dove into the magical world of energy six years ago. Head first, straight to the deep end. Which lead to a quick awakening of my psychic gifts and change in how I perceive the world. On New Year's Day 2018 I made a promise to myself to only follow my guidance from that day on and not to do any decision based on my logical mind only. That decision changed my life drastically, wow what a journey! That lead me to a whole new life. I started studying energy work, human anatomy, quantum physics, spirit world etc and also went back to my roots as a pianist and started teaching that again. I also found my hidden gifts as a composer and started composing piano music which blew my mind! But then about a year ago fall 2020 I felt called to concentrate on my own awakening process for a while and also on my artistic expressions through painting art. Many of us starseeds have such many layers in us and when there's a potent time for expansion in certain area or aspect of us, for example to activate a new skill, you wanna dive in to it. There's magic available! So I followed that calling and I'm very happy that I did, since I re-awakened my gifts as an abstract artist; a gift that I have developed during my previous incarnations.

Return To Channeling And Energy Work

About a month ago I started to receive messages from my Higher Self and Guides that it's time come back to channeling and activating and teaching other people how to awaken their spiritual gifts and help them in their awakening journey. So, again now in October 2021 I follow my guidance to open up a whole new website and IG account to support it, offering intuitive services and also channeled messages for the collective. So here we are! I'm super happy to share this journey with you.

Loneliness During The Awakening Process

But you can certainly feel alone in a crowd as well, right.

For many of us, awakening can be quite a lonely path and not all of us have a like-minded community supporting us right away. That's also the case with me. Actually I've had only a couple of people that I can talk to about this new amazing perception on existence and in the beginning I really didn't connect with my guides etc in the higher realms that easily either. I have been feeling more or less like an outsider my whole life even though I come from a big family and I've always had friends around me. But you can certainly feel alone in a crowd as well, right. I actually just received a confirmation that this is one of the reasons I was guided to start doing channeling and energy work again: to offer support to those others who feel like they are alone and help other lightworkers to find their soul tribe. But also, to find my own soul tribe and create that community for myself as well where I feel like home. I was also called to open a totally new IG account @activations_with_hanna where I share all the channeled energy updates, information and activations that want to come through me from the higher realms; to create a space for like-minded souls to connect.

Giving Information vs. Activating People's Own Knowing

As I channeled content to this new website, I was really "listening" my guidance and checking every word, every detail. As I was writing about channeling and energy healing, I always heard the word "activation" in my mind. For me, energy work is all about activating people's own knowing and trust in their own divinity, healing powers and ability to create; to help them learn to live by what is true to them - not just to give predictions or "easy" answers. We humans are the most magical, quantum creators and our potential is really limitless. My work here is to activate people to remember that and help them remove their own limitations and blocks that keep them feeling separate from the Divine. If we just have the courage to step into the unknown and look outside that familiar limited world of illusion that we are so comfortable in, these's truly infinite beauty and wonder available to us in every moment to experience with all of our senses. To taste, to smell, to feel, to see, to know, to hear, to sense. What a blessing it is to be alive! So let's choose to truly live this life with intention and with all we've got.

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