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1:1 Spiritual Guidance sessions are especially suitable for those who want to activate their spiritual gifts, strengthen their connection to their soul, to the the Divine and to their soul’s greatest gifts and passions, move towards their dream life and get guidance on life’s big decisions and everyday choices. The purpose of these sessions is to activate your own ability to tune into your own guidance and to strengthen your own intuition and to bring messages and guidance to you from higher consciousness. Often clients get to realize what kind of energy they are vibrating at the moment and what they are creating in their life based on that energy. You might recognize if you have some energy blocks that is keeping you from manifesting your dreams or that are keeping you feeling stuck in life.  In order to change your energy you have to be ready to make changes in your life, to change your thoughts and beliefs so it's really important that you are coming to this with open mind and heart.  


You are welcome to ask questions related to certain aspects of life, such as relationships, work, health or anything else. Through these sessions, it is possible to release blocks and low energies that are blocking you and to get realizations that can direct your life into a new greater path that you might not even been able to dream of. This activation can awaken your spiritual gifts you never realized you had inside of you. Actually the magic is inside of you already, I'm just here to help you remember and awaken those dormant gifts.  My passion is to make your life and living in alingment as inspiring, fun and effortless as possible. 

Sessions primarily via phone/video calls. Payment in 1 or 2 parts (MobilePay, Invoice, PayPal).  More info: If you are considering coaching but are not sure if it's for you, I offer a free 15 min mapping call. 

30 min  /  55€

1 hour  /   111€

1:1 spiritual coaching  / intuitive guidance
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8-week Transformation Course 
With Your Own Travel Guide 

8 weeks  /   1111€ incl. messaging during the process

The primary purpose of this personal Transformation Course with me working as your personal "Travel Guide" is to support you in your awakening process. This path is often the best thing that ever happened to you yet also winding and messy. But much easier if you have the right guides to support you! With this Spiritual Awakening Course, I help you strengthen your connection to your intuition, activate your gifts and integrate this new version of you that is wanting to be birthed. You will learn to read energies and expand your awareness which helps you to navigate your awakening process with more joy and gratitude and ease. My greatest passion is to activate clients themselves to hear their inner voice and guidance and to deepen their connection to the Divine. When you start to communicate with  the Universe and you get into that flow with life, that's pure magic. 

If you feel are longing for a big change, a new direction, a complete transformation in your life, this is for you.  Personally, I felt that without coaches and guides, it would have been really difficult to move forward in my process of spiritual growth because there seemed to be endless amounts of information and I felt a little overwhelmed by it, didn't know where to start since it takes quite a lot of time to research this stuff.  Spiritual Awakening can be a very long journey of years and years but there are often phases of rapid expansion that might feel confusing to go through alone. Or there might be points on your awakening journey when you are expanding and opening super quickly and get inspiration to get more information and really dive into the mysteries of the Universe and want to have someone to provide you with more insights, channeled guidance, tips what to read or what to listen etc. That's what this course is all about. 

During these sessions, I channel messages for you from higher consciousness and ask for guidance, insights and activation. You'll get book/video recommendations, learn different meditation methods and get help with your shadow work. We will do some practical exercises as well right from the beginning that will activate your ability to read energies and strengthen your connection to higher realms. We'll go through your new insights and inspirations along the way as well as challenges you've been faced with and I'll channel answers to those of your questions that will help you to align with your highest timeline. If you are ready to go all in with open mind and heart and are ready to change your life and are super interested in activating your spiritual gifts and abilities, this course is perfect for you. 

Sessions primarily via phone/video calls. Payment in 1 or 2 parts (MobilePay, Invoice, PayPal).  More info:

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Intuitive Painting Courses


case by case

ON PAUSE! Intuitive Painting day retreat. Ask for more info. 


This is more about connecting into your intuition and creative flow than to teach you painting techniques but I will also provide those so that you might get ideas how to start. You don't need any experience in painting - only an open mind.  


We'll start with meditation to get into creative flow and to set intentions and to activate what wants to come through.


Package includes paints, canvases, brushes and other equipment needed. If the workshop is held near nature,  we can pick up elements and/or tools that carry the energy of Mother Earth and get inspiration from our surroundings. Also private sessions possible. 

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